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          Cat's Eye Power Beads represent a mineral with dense inclusions of tiny, parallel, slender, fibers that may cause it to exhibit chatoyancy. The most notable cat's eye mineral is Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye, which is known simply as Cat's Eye. Other cat's eye minerals are termed by their respective names, such as a cat's eye Quartz is known as "Quartz Cat's Eye", or "Blue Cat's Eye", or "Green Cat's Eye".

blue cat's eye power beads bracelet

      Cat's Eye Power Beads Bracelets and necklaces have been known to help lines of Communication and to bring Happiness to those who wear them. Wear these Power Beads with quartz to bring luck with your new found happiness!
Please note that ALL our Power Beads are Genuine, because ONLY Genuine  Power Beads bracelets and necklaces  possess the "power" to heal you emotionally, physically, and spiritually !

green cat's eye - power beads

Blue Cat's Eye Necklace
24" long, 8mm beads, hand knotted on blue silk cord.
Price:$ 44.95


More Cat's Eye Power Beads Designs

          If you are interested in the custom designed power beads bracelet or necklace, please feel free to Email Us All of our power beads are genuine semi-precious stones, and can be arranged with Sterling Silver/ 14KT gold graduated beads and spacers for additional brilliance. You may also add a Sterling Silver/ 14KT gold fish catch. Please visit our Custom Designs Page for more ideas.
          If you have questions about a specific product please Email Us. We will respond with pricing, ideas and suggestions within 2-3 business days. To place an order, please use our Order Form

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